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Heat preserving and fire-proof aluminum compound package material for industrial purposes.
Mainly used in the surface layer of modern rubber-plaster compound heat proof materials.

Aluminum compound technology makes the material superb in moist-proof, high-strength aluminum slows down the speed of aging of materials. The compound is totally immune of the limitations for rubber-plaster compounds and greatly prolong the effective lifespan of materials. Additionally, the outer layer of fireproof aluminum further enhances the fireproof function of the heat-preservation layer.

Gluing of the inner layer of the compound with rubber-plastic materials can be done at one step in foaming, no further gluing is needed. This avoids pollution from glues, and enhances greatly gluing strength.


Special thermosol aluminum foil, a wide range of sealing and capping materials, pads
Used for sealing of soft tubes, cups, jars and containers of various materials (PP, PET, PE, PS, PS, PVC, Aluminum foil, glass, etc). 

Customized gluing strength and peeling strength according to client’s needs.